Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen books on the shelf of my nightstand, that I keep intending to read, but haven't gotten around to yet...

1. 365 Ways to Help Your Child Learn and Achieve by Cheri Fuller

2. The Preschooler’s Busy Book: 365 Creative Games and Activities to Keep Your 3-to-6-Year-Old Busy by Trish Kuffner

3. How to Talk So Kids Will Listen, and Listen So Kids Will Talk by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish

4. Parents Do Make a Difference: How to Raise Kids with Solid Character, Strong Minds, and Caring Hearts by Michele Borba

5. If All Else Fails, Lower Your Expectations: Diary of a Busy Mom by Susan Murphy

6. Help Your Child Learn to Read by Betty Root

7. Cheap Talk with the Frugal Friends by Angie Zalewski and Deana Ricks

8. The Girlfriends’ Guide to Getting Your Grove Back: Loving Your Family Without Losing Your Mind by Vicki Iovine

9. Taking Care of Me: The Habits of Happiness by Mary Kay Mueller

10. A Simple Choice: A Practical Guide for Saving Your Time, Money, and Sanity by Deborah Taylor-Hough

11. Your Best Year Yet: How to Make the Next 12 Months Your Most Successful Ever by Jinny Ditzler

12. Life Makeovers: 52 Practical and Inspiring Ways to Improve Your Life One Week at a Time by Cheryl Richardson

13. Activities For All Year Round by Angela Wilkes

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monica said...

I have 3 & 8!!!


Veronika said...

Great books! I love the Girlfriends Guide books

FrogLegs said...

Read #8 and #9.. I think that's the one loaned out.. LOL! My TT is up!

stacey said...

I need every single one of those! My list is up.

ladydaria said...

OMG! #8 sounds like something I need. Can I borrow it when you are done???? Happy TT!


d.challener roe said...

Wow, makes my "to read" pile seem frivilous.

Thanks for stopping by My 13

Karen said...

Okay, I'm starting to feel guilty now. My TBR pile consists of stories about fluffy, superficial women with boyfriend/career problems - okay, okay, maybe a murder mystery is in there somewhere. lol

I have a dictionary, is that serious enough? lol

Thanks for visiting!

Kimmy said...

I need to borrow a few. But I think they'd just sit on my table, too. :(

Thanks for stopping by today!

Lena said...

OMG! I have 5 of these books! And Vicki's is the only one I've even cracked!

They look so daunting when I stare at them on the nightstand next to my People mag. ;)

Great list idea! Can I take it?? LOL

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

what you need is a book that will tell you how to make time to read all of those books.
i'm doing the tt too.

mar said...

That is a long list of books! Remember not to forget nr 9! it is very important. Thanks for visiting my TT and have a happy thursday!

Dawn said...

Don't have any of your books listed, but I have plenty that are sitting there with a big sign that says "READ ME"! I know I need to, but I just dust the dust off of them and hope I'll get to them!

Thanks for visitng my TT!

Master Enigma said...

I have not read a single one of those. I was so disapointted.

But If All Else Fails, Lower Your Expectations sounds like a great book.

As you know my 13 is up at

Hope you get the time to do all that reading!

Suz said...

Happy TT

Great List, I dont have any of those and all of them sound like books I should read!

Hugs Suz

Denise said...

That's quite a list! Enjoy!

Thanks for stopping by my 13!

sunshine scribe said...

Great books. At least nine are unread on my shelf too. :)

Lazy Daisy said...

That's some interesting titles. I wrote a few of them down to check out myself. Hope you get some time to read. Thanks for coming by.

Chickadee said...

Hmm, I'll have to pick up #3 and 13. I am a volunteer educator at a nature center and maybe I can get some ideas on how to keep the kids' attention! LOL.

My 13 are up.

Norma said...

OK. Pick one and get busy! That must be a good sized night stand.

Thanks for stopping by my TT. Did you read my post on self-help books?

Katherine said...

I was glad to see you had "Taking Care of Me" since most of your other books seem to be about taking care of the others in life! Thanks for stopping by my TT today.

Mama Kelly said...

peers at your pile and makes notes for some books to order

Laura said...

time to start reading!
great list of books. thanks for linking me and the birthday wishes!

Renee said...

That's quite a list, I wouldn't know where to start. Good luck in finding the first book...too bad we can't do like Kelly/Nello and read the last page first to get the whole thing ;)

Thanks for visiting... fefyfomanna: Thursday 13: Places to call home I've had a busy Thursday, but I'll get you linked up tomorrow if you aren't already on my list. :D

Caryn said...

Fun idea for a list! I have a lot of must-reads waiting for me to get around to them, too. Haven't heard of most of these, though--probably because I don't have kids yet and many of these are parenting books. Happy reading!


Holly said...

#3 has been on my nightstand for a few months now... I just never can seem to get enough energy to pick it up.