Thursday, March 23, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things about Courtney's day today

1. I have my 5-yr-old son with me at work this morning.

2. He has his first ever dentist appointment in about an hour.

3. I have printed 5 coloring pages off the internet for him to color.

4. He is sitting at the side table in my office coloring and eating popcorn.

5. I found some kid cassettes in my cabinet for him to listen to.

6. Zip-a-dee-doo-dah just ended, and It's a Small World is now playing.

7. He also brought a backpack with some of his toys to play with.

8. He was so excited about coming to work with Mommy.

9. He is also excited about going to the dentist (?!)

10. We'll see if he's still excited after he's been. lol

11. He keeps insisting that the dentist will give him a new GREEN toothbrush.

12. I hope they have a green one, because he's pretty set on it.

13. After his appointment I will take him to lunch, and then drop him off at preschool and I will come back to work. Should make the work day seem to go by fast! Yea!

UPDATE: Everything went very smoothly at his dentist appointment! He was an angel, behaved perfectly, laid still with his mouth open, and let them do their thing. He thought the sucker hose thingy was funny (?!!! I hate that thing!). They let him pick 3 toys and a sticker when he was done. And they had even better than the green toothbrush...they had a purple and green Power Rangers toothbrush!!! He was thrilled!

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Carmen said...

Wow, I'm just visiting all kinds of new thirteeners today! I hope your son gets his green toothbrush.

My list is up

FrogLegs said...

Auto linky is SUPER easy, for next time, LOL. Have fun with him at work! Nathan loves it when I hav eto go to CW, and he has the run of the store cause they all know & love him. LOL. Enjoy your morning together! :)

mar said...

Awww, good luck with the dentist and I hope he gets the green toothbrush! My TT is up!

Kimmy said...

Aw... I can just picture Jacob at work with me when he was little. Except... we didn't listen to Zippadeedooda ;)

Hope he got his green tooth brush! (And still likes the dentist!)

Anonymous said...

oh, pray that he gets that toothbrush! that'll make the next visit that much easier! hopefully, he still likes the dentist after today!

I used to love to go to work with my mom. it was the best field trip ever!

my TT are up!

Lena said...

I love #12! I hope he isn't disappointed. For your sake ;).

Lingerie Lady said...

Great list! My little one has her first dentist appointment on Monday. I am hoping she will be more grown up about it than I was today at my appointment. I was crying before he even touched me.

My Thursday Thirteen are up.

Kelly said...

Here's to hoping the dentist appointment went well!

Lazy Daisy said...

Hope he got his green tooth brush. Love the list and the love of your boy came through too!

Norma said...

I was a veterinary school librarian, but I kept coloring books in my office for the unprepared parents who never figured out that kids can get really bored going to work with mommy (if she's a student). Sounds like you covered all the bases.

FrogLegs said...

Did he get the toothbrush? I've come back to find out! :)

Master Enigma said...

I want a green toothbrush.

You should be so proud of him for being brave at the dentist. I will not go anymore unless I get a power ranger toy and stickers.

My 13 is humming along to It's A Small World over at

Suz said...

Visting after dentist appt. Glad it went so well. My littleman had his first dental appt last week and it also went well. Wish it could go that well as adults :-)

Hugs Suz

Melli said...

Whooooo hoooo! Power Rangers! Yea Man! Yippeee for son! See? Now he's gonna LOVE going to the dentist -- and you're going to feel like a fool! hehehe...

Thanks for stopping by my 13!

jeni said...

what a big boy!! congrats on the great appointment!

and you IS a small world after all! :)

happy tt! :)

monica said...

I love that he came to work!!!! He must have felt so special. ;)


Anonymous said...

my kids have all grown to enjoy the dentist, i think a few early checkups that are fun have helped. a green power ranger toothbrush, sweet!

Lala's world said...

you have a great company to let your son come to work with you!! my old company let me but my parents owned it so.......

my TT is up..