Wednesday, October 10, 2007

We're Back!

Well, we are back from our weekend celebration for our 10 year anniversary. Things started out a little crazy...Brendan got sick earlier in the week, with a high temperature. He ended up home from school Wed & Thursday. Joe took him to the doctor Thursday morning, because we were supposed to be taking the boys to my mom's house that night. They tested for strep, ear infection, etc and finally said it was just a virus and we'd have to wait it out. So, since my mom insisted that we still bring the boys and still go on our trip, we did. The next morning as we were heading out the door for our trip, the doctor's office called. Turns out they let the culture sit overnight, and by morning his strep test was actually positive. At this point he had already been at my mom's all night! So, the nurse called the prescription into a pharmacy near my mom's house, and we called Mom to let her know what had happened. She agreed to go pick up his prescription. I just hope my mom doesn't catch the strep...she has MS and doesn't need anything like that to wear her down! I feel so terrible :( She didn't have the boys the whole time, but she did for a day and a half before my dad & his wife took them. By then he had been on antibiotics and wasn't contagious anymore.

But, that aside, Joe and I had a very nice little trip together. The hotel we stayed in was nice, and we had a jacuzzi, kitchen, deck, etc. The first evening we went to an amusement park that is lit up after dark. We rode a few rollercoasters and such that we normally cannot ride when the boys are with us. We played mini golf in the amusement park too, and ate at a 50's themed diner. Then, just before the park closes they do a fireworks & lazer light show (which is the real reason we were there).

The next day we went out to breakfast at a pancake house, and then stopped by the Winery for the free tour and wine tasting. We ended up buying a few bottles, and a bottle of sparkling raspberry juice for the boys.

We hung out in our hotel room for a little while, watched some home improvement shows on HGTV (we love those, and we don't have cable at home), sat out on our deck, and relaxed for a little bit.

That evening we ate at a fairly fancy Italian restaurant, and the food was SO YUMMY!!! We are very casual people, and I don't think we've ever eaten at a fancy restaurant, so we were clueless when the waitress brought out a scoop of butter after the appetizer. We're both looking at it thinking, what do we need a scoop of butter for? Then we saw that there was a little spoon and we're thinking, okay, maybe this is not butter, why is there a spoon? So finally Joe gets up the nerve to taste it, and it was sorbet to cleanse our pallette before the main dish! LOL! We felt really stupid. So, we ate it, and it was yummy! Shows how much we know about being "fancy", huh? LMAO. The waitress was nice enough to take our picture before we left.

After dinner, we headed down by the lake. We were on our way to the landing when we saw a scenic area and the sun setting, so we stopped and walked by the water and took a couple pictures.

Then we headed on to the landing area, to go to a dueling piano bar. It was fun, and the guys playing/singing were really good.

After hanging out and having a few drinks, we then walked along the boardwalk down by the water. There was a really neat fountain that shot up water in a neat pattern, and had different colored lights and such. We watched that for a few minutes, and enjoyed a night walk along the boardwalk before heading back to the hotel.

All in all we had a wonderful time celebrating together! I'm so glad we took the time out for the two of us to relax and enjoy.

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Carolyn F said...

Sounds like you had a great time! I wouldn't have known what the sorbet was either!!