Monday, March 16, 2009

Catching Up (again!)

Wow, let's see, where was I? lol
Well, I guess I'll just start with this past weekend. Saturday was my birthday! I had a pretty good day. Brendan's Pinewood Derby was that day, but Joe agreed to take the boys to that so that I wouldn't have to spend my b-day there.

Brendan won the 3rd place trophy!

(he's the one on the far left)

Wish I could say I did fun and exciting stuff while they were away, but with our vacation coming up I had to use that kid-free time to run some errands and get things I/we needed for the trip. After that I went to my sister's house for her crop (although I didn't do any scrapping- just enjoyed pizza and birthday cake while sorting some photos and chatting). When I got home hours later Joe had crablegs, mashed potatoes and champagne for us, and he and the boys had made me a cake (as I had requested. lol) No gifts, we will be spending enough on vacation- I will just claim our vacation as a way to extend my birthday celebrating another week. LOL

Sunday we spent getting things ready. Joe did some burning on our property and changed the oil in my SUV (since we'll be driving my SUV to Florida) and we completely cleaned out our cars, which was WAY overdue. It is always amazing to me how big of a mess the boys can make in the back seat! Between all of my stuff and the disaster the boys created, well, the mess was completely embarrassing. At least it is all cleaned out now though. I also did a ton of laundry and started packing things up for vacation. Also discovered that Brendan has outgrown almost all of his shorts, so I will need to make another trip out to get shorts for him this week. Go figure.

Now I just hope works goes by fast this week so we can get to the beach! :)


Peggy said...

When are you going? This weekend? You are going to FL? Disney? Sorry for all the questions! LOL

BTW: crab legs and champagne sound FABULOUS!

teahouse said...

Hey, love your template! Happy belated birthday.