Tuesday, April 17, 2007

What a mess!

Last night was NOT fun. I had to do a total overhaul of the boys' room. Dh discovered we have carpenter ants under our porch, and well...carpenter ants eat wood, and we have wood siding! Yikes! So it had to be dealt with immediately. So with the guy scheduled to spray this morning, last night was a mad dash to get things away from the walls and cleaned up. The boys' room was HORRIBLE! Stuff everywhere you can imagine. Pieces of games, cards, little toys, breadcrusts (?!), books, you name it it was on their floor. And that's not even close to what all was under the beds! OMG! What a mess! I have done huge clean-ups in their room before, and I'm so sick of it. I did make them help me, but I had to do most of it because of the time issue involved. The boys were up until 10pm last night while I/we finished. It does look really good now, but I hate it that it had to be a big production! We will have to work harder on making it a HABIT to clean up EVERY night before bed so this never happens again. (FLYlady would not be happy).

It is also amazing what all collected under the couch! We had to move it away from the wall too. Apparently my boys have been stuffing wrappers and trash down through the sides of the cushions, and behind the couch! It's embarrassing how many string cheese wrappers and empty fruit snack packages were under that couch!!! Oh, and did I mention the pair of Brendan's dirty UNDERWEAR behind there? WTH?

One of these days I will have an organized house, that STAYS organized. It might not be until the boys are both away at college, but it WILL happen. Although with dh still there, even then maybe it won't. lol


Carolyn F said...

I know laughter is not the kind of support you need, but this SOOOO sounds like my house. You've made me feel so much better knowing other people's boys do this too!

Shortie said...

Well this all makes me squeemish LOL! I am a neat freak. LOL.

Diana said...

I'm laughing too. I tend to find smooshy raisins and sunflower seeds and broken goldfish... I used to have a clean"er" house, but then I started scrapbooking. Then... I started scrappin survivor. Now... where's that yellow caution tape?

Uisce said...

you're definitely talking about the couch in my kids' playroom!