Thursday, February 12, 2009

P-T Conference

Just thought I'd share about the parent-teacher conference we had with Brendan's teacher Tuesday night. I was worried, because this was the round of conferences where not everyone has to go, only the ones that the teacher feels it necessary. So, when we got the request for one I was nervous, and with the behavior problems he had in Kindergarten and 1st grade I thought it was more of the same once again this time in 2nd grade. But, when we got there, his teacher was very nice and positive, and had mostly good to say. She is a little concerned with his focus, says he loses his focus on in-class assignments and quizzes, causing him to not finish things in the time allowed, but that she doesn't feel it is a "behavior" issue. Then she went on to tell us how smart he is and how impressed she is with his reading and all the stories and things he writes. She said he is in the advanced reading group at the school, and that he not only reads the words well, but has very good comprehension of what he has read and can retell it. After saying a few more times how smart he is, she told us that she has recommended him for the gifted program. Wow! (Talk about a complete turn-around from past years' conferences where not only did we have to talk to his teacher about problems, but also the gym teacher, music teacher, and art teacher! lol) We won't really know for sure if he will be accepted into the gifted program until the end of the year when they do the testing and such, but it is neat to know that she recommended him for it! And then at the end of the conference, Adam, not to be shown up, felt the need to recite and spell his first, middle and last names for Brendan's teacher. lol She said "you're gonna be smart likeyour big brother, aren't you". So, I think he was happy to get a little attention too. lol

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Melzie said...

That is AWESOME!! I remember the old mtg's and those are never fun. Yea for great news!! :)