Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Plunge

On Valentine's day I took part in the Polar Bear Plunge with a few co-workers. It was very cold! haha. Seeing all the teams and their costumes was fun, but the cold part wasn't. Plus we had a couple wardrobe malfunctions as well. lol Our team was "Zeus and the Icy Aphrodites" (I'm the purple one...togas certainly are not kind to the figure, I look like a fat purple grape!)

The sun was out, but it was around 30 degrees! Brrrrr.

The pic of us actually in the water didn't turn out, it was so blurry you couldn't even see what it was. But here we are getting ready to carry "Zeus" into the water.

After the plunge, Joe, the boys and I went to a local pizza/pub place and had a fun family meal together.

Then we stopped by Joe's work and he let the boys feed some of the fish in the tanks.

And that was how we spent Valentine's Day. Earlier that week Joe brought home crablegs, shrimp and champagne and chocolate for our early valentine's dinner :) Yummy.

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