Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mother's Day Recap, Flowers, Etc

Brendan ended up getting pink eye, and couldn't go to the Raingutter Regatta or meeting to get his awards, but I'm sure his leader will get them to him later.
Mother's Day weekend we went to a BBQ with Joe's side of the family Saturday, and then met part of my side of the family on Sunday for lunch.

(L to R: cousin Amber, aunt Ginger, Grandma, Mom, sister Jill, me)

(My mom with all 4 grandsons)

(Adam twirling my hair as usual, haha)

(Joe took this picture of me & the boys when we got back home on Mother's Day)

Some of our flowers and plants are blooming in our yard, although not as many came back this year, it seems. Here are a few that did come back...

(I LOVE the hostas plants, but several of these did not come back this year either)

Then Monday night I met my sister Jill and family, Mom, Dad and step-mom at Red Lobster to celebrate Jill's graduation- she earned her Master's Degree, CONGRATS JILL!!!!

This Friday night Brendan has a sleepover birthday party at his good friend's house, then when we pick him up on Saturday morning we'll be heading to go camping the rest of the weekend.

Then next Thursday is Brendan's last day of school already! Only 4-1/2 school days left, he is very excited!


Peggy said...

Pretty pictures! You look great and your boys are cute as ever. Love your flowers and plants. I am no good at planting! But I want to plant something here. I just don't know what or where. Or when?? Should I wait til fall?

Courtney said...

Haha, I am the WRONG person to ask about planting...I am no good at it either! The lady that lived in our house before us (who happens to be my boss) was really into that stuff and had all sorts of pretty things planted, we just watch them come back up each year. lol Although Joe did plant a bunch of trees and such this year, so we'll see what happens. Sorry I can't be of any help.

teahouse said...

What sweet little boys you have!!! And I love the flowers. Happy belated Mothers Day!!