Thursday, April 30, 2009

MS Walk, Cub Scouts, Camping, and Catching Up

Wow, have I been bad about updating the blog! The dog ended up not sticking around once we went to work that Monday, and we haven't seen him since.

Last weekend we participated in the MS Walk like we do every year. It was windy, but good weather otherwise.

Afterwards we enjoyed a visit with grandparents. Then Sunday I worked at the local Earth Day event.

This coming weekend is Brendan's Cub Scout Pack meeting and Raingutter Regatta. He should be receiving several belt loops, arrowpoints, beads and Wolf Badge at this meeting...he's been working on requirements like crazy!

We've also decided to take on the Missouri State Parks Camper Award challenge. Basically it is a little challenge they have set up, for families to camp in 5 different Missouri State Parks, and you get your card punched at each place, and when you complete it you get a certificate and patch. While Joe and I don't really care about the certificate and patch, we thought the boys might get a kick out of it, and it will get us back out camping as a family which will be fun. Since we already took our "big" vacation in March, we figure doing 5 small camping trips this spring/summer would be fun since we can't take another vacation. Joe and I have been to several of the MO state parks already, but we booked ourselves at a few that we haven't been to so that we can see something new too :)

And I am still in disbelief that Brendan's last day of school is 3 weeks from today!!! Holy cow, where did this school year go?! He'll be diving into summer school and summer camps in just a few weeks- yikes!

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Way to get out and represent! My sister has MS. Thanks for walking Deters!