Tuesday, August 22, 2006

1st Day of Kindergarten

Brendan's first day of Kindergarten went great! He did wake up crying about 10 minutes before his alarm was set to go off, and when I asked what was wrong he said his alarm didn't beep! lol So I assured him that it wasn't broken, that he just woke up too early. So he laid back down, and was so excited when the alarm actually did start beeping! LOL He immediately got up, did his morning jobs (get dressed, make his bed, feed the cat) this is a process that usually takes forever, but he had it done in 5 minutes. Then I made him and Adam some waffles, they ate, and Brendan put his dishes in the sink and brushed his teeth immediately after. (who are you and what have you done with my son?). So, he was ready to go out the door about 45 minutes early! lol When we did go outside to wait for his bus, I took a couple pictures and Adam didn't want to be left out, so he insisted on wearing his backpack too. heehee. When the bus arrived Brendan walked right up and got on just as if he'd been doing it all his life! In fact he got on so fast I didn't even get a picture taken of him by the bus! (And as you other scrapbookers know, this is a major tragedy and will totally screw up my layout! lol) So I had to settle for one of him looking over the bus seat (which was with my film camera so I don't have it yet). He waved as the bus pulled away. And that was it. No problems at all. Then I followed the bus out for a little bit (only because it was the direction I needed to go to work anyway). That's when I actually did get a little teary eyed. Not sure why, as I'm not sad about him growing up, but I guess that's just what moms do. lol

Then, with no after school care lined up and Joe out of town at a conference, I had to leave work early to be home in time for the bus. (which by the way, for those following my frustrations with lack of communication from the school...I *still* didn't know what time to expect him home, I was told the night before that "it will be after 4:00" but I didn't know if it would be 4:01 or 4:59 or what! I was told to wait and see how the first day goes and then I would know what time. Ugh! Yeah, real helpful for a working mom, thanks so much). Well it's a good thing I got home just before 4:00 because sure enough the bus dropped him off at like 4:04! He came running up the driveway all excited yelling "Mommy!!" I gave him a big hug and I could tell by the completely happy smile from ear to ear that he had had a great day. He told me all about it. He loved it, and thought that riding on the school bus was "so awesome!"

So now we just need to figure out what to do about after school. Now that we finally know what time the bus will be dropping him off. Joe and I have been talking on the phone a little between his conference sessions, and we're hoping to be able to get our bosses to be a little flexible and let us adjust our hours slightly in order to be home for Brendan after school. We're thinking if I can go in from 7:30-3:30 (instead of 8am-5pm) on M/W/F and he can do that on Tues/Thurs then we could cover it without either of us leaving early every day of the week. We'll see how that goes over with the bosses.

But after school issues aside, today was a great success!


monica said...

I'm seriously crying. LOL i need help.

That is HILARIOUS about the clock.

Karen said...

I have to admit, I was teary eyed when reading about his first day, too. I REMEMBER that feeling and I BAWLED my eyes out when both kids started kindergarten. I still get a little weepy each and every first day of school. It's just another year slipping away. *sigh*

I hope his enthusiasm sticks around! And good luck on working your schedules out. The alternating early days sounds like a good idea!

stacey said...

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That first day of kindergarten is a killer, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

awe!! I remember it well. So sweet and sad to see them get on the bus.

Holly said...

Aw, so, so sweet! My Bug starts public school Kindergarten next year (he is in the preschool/daycare center Kindergarten program this year), due to just missing the date cutoff. So... this literally brought tears to my eyes, as I'll be in your shoes next year.

And... as a fellow scrapbooker, I totally know the tragedy of missing that picture by the bus.