Monday, August 28, 2006

Monday again

Here it is Monday again. This weekend was okay. I went to Joe's sister's bridal shower, which went well. The men joined in at 5pm, but Joe wasn't feeling well, so basically that part just consisted of Joe sitting/laying around while I chased the boys around someone else's house trying to be sure they didn't break anything or walk out of the house. lol

On Sunday Joe was still not feeling well, so he layed around while I got groceries, did laundry, dishes, cleaned out my car, cleaned up outside, pulled some weeds, did trash, fixed meals, cleaned up the living room, took care of the boys, and got things ready for the next day. We also watched RV.

The after-school situation still isn't completely settled yet. I've turned in a request/proposal for my hours to be adjusted. My direct boss is fine with it, but we haven't received approval from her boss yet. In the meantime, until we hear back, I will be working the adjusted hours. So, that's good. I will be able to be home in time for him for a few more days at least. And hopefully it will be approved. We shall see.

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