Friday, August 18, 2006

Last night, and I Need Ideas & Tips!

Last night hubby and I had our monthly date night. We went to the comedy club. I was given free tickets last time I was there, because I was dancing. lol They come around once in awhile and give out tickets to people who are on the dance floor, and I was! And it helped that the guy handing them out knew me from somewhere else, so he gave me two. So, anyway, we went and had a good time. The comics were good, the beer was good, and we sat on the front row right up by the stage. Which I was nervous about, but luckily the comics performing last night were not the kind that pick on the audience. Whew! Afterwards we stood by the dance floor for a couple minutes, but I couldn't get Joe to dance. He's not a dancer, and he feels stupid trying. So, we left. And went to Wal-Mart to pick up a few things we needed. Because, you know, going to Wal-Mart is such a fun thing to do on a date night, right? LOL! We're not getting old, are we?

(totally changing topics here...)
Okay all you experienced parents of school-aged kids, I'd love to hear any tips, ideas, etc you have for all sorts of things like getting the kids out the door in time to catch the bus, organization (school papers, art projects, etc), the routines you have in the morning and evenings, easy breakfast ideas, and stuff like that! I have some ideas, but would love to hear more and how others do things!


monica said...

I do nt have school age littles but I was a teacher. I'd say have a chart you write on a poster board of things to do before leaving the house.

Have a list in thier rooms of things to do before leaving the upstairs...

REWARDS. They work :).

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

i've got three kids, aged 21, 15 and 11, it does get easier to get them out.
i always do as much of the lunches as i can the night before (juice boxes, snacks), make sure their knapsacks are packed the night before, know what they are going to wear the next day when they go to bed and even what they want for breakfast. easy breakfast, cereal/toast, fresh fruit/yogurt and to drink milk/juice. if you're organized, they'll be organized, it just sort of falls into place. if you have hair issues, my daughters both have long hair, i always make sure it is well brushed out the night before and then put it into a braid for sleeping. good luck!!!

Uisce said...

I set the kitchen clock ahead by a few minutes and that usually gets us out the door on time.