Thursday, March 29, 2007

Catching up a little more

Thursday Thirteen, oh yeahhhh. During my 3 months away from my blog I almost forgot about the chaos of Thursday Thirteen. I didn't do one. Sorry. Maybe next week. Or maybe not. LOL I do so love Thursday Thirteen- I do. It's just, well, time consuming. And I don't know if I even remember how to do all the banner loading and linkies and such. Oh my, it's been awhile. I'll attempt to get back in the FULL swing of things soon. But not today. So, no 13 for me.

But I will do a little more catch-up on some things that have happened recently. Did I mention that Joe sliced his finger at work and had 7 stitches? Did I mention that he also had a pain that required an ultrasound because they thought he might have a gall stone or liver disease? Did I mention that after those two things, he then fell off the roof of our garage? Yeah, he's had his 3 bad things. He should be done for awhile. lol Oh, and I guess I shouldn't leave you hanging- he's fine. Stitches came out last weekend. Ultrasound results came back Monday and he is fine, just has thick liver bile...whatever that means. And the fall from the garage just left him with a sore butt cheek for a few days. No biggie.

Let's see...we also had a VERY SCARY sledding incident with Adam (age 2) that I will write about later. And we recently went on a little trip to Branson. Will have all sorts of fun pix from that up soon. More to come...stay tuned!

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FrogLegs said...

I'd forgotten about the sledding incident... -- that *WAS* scary, and well.. happy endings are all nice. :)