Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Playing the Single-Mom Role

Well, hubby is out of state this week for work. He left Saturday. So, I get to play the single-mom role. So far it hasn't been bad. I had more mower issues again, this time by myself. After about 6 phone calls to Joe trying to get the damn thing going and find everything I needed amongst his tools and such, I finally was on my way mowing. On one of the phone calls I told Joe I was about 5 minutes away from either calling some hot man to come mow my yard for me, or go to Home Depot and buy a new mower. In addition to everything I mentioned in my previous post, I forgot to mention that it also has a flat tire. So in addition to jump starting it, and having to start it by touch a piece of copper to two little black things, then by the time you do that, the tire needs aired up again. So I was mowing a section, then going back to fill the tire, then mow another section, then go fill the tire, all while trying to avoid the strapping (see previous post) and watch the boys to make sure they didn't wander off into the woods while I'm mowing or kill each other or what have you. About 2 hours into it I realized that I had no idea how to shut the mower OFF. Since you don't use the key to start it, you can't use it to shut it off either. So, when I got to the very back section by the woods where only we see anyway and it died on me, I decided I was done. I took that as a sign that it was time to stop, because if I re-started it then I may not be able to get it to turn off. lol

Sunday I took the boys outside again to plant some Mammoth Sunflowers. I've always thought they look really cool. Since they grow to like 12 feet, I thought the boys would get a kick out of them too. So, we marched outside with their new $1.00 garden shovels from Target and started digging. Who knows if the flowers will actually come up, but hey, we tried. My plan was to plant them in a semi-circle so that when they grow it will be a little area the boys can sit in/play in. It ended up more like an L-shape, but oh well. I'm half expecting them to not even sprout, since our "soil" is really more clay-like texture, and because I know NOTHING about gardening, planting, etc. We have tons of beautiful plants and flowers every year, but I can't take any credit for that- all planted by the previous owner. We just enjoy them as they come up each year. And every year they look a little less pretty. I'm sure that's because we are supposed to be doing *something* to keep them looking nice, but I have no clue what to do. I keep hoping my boss (who was the previous owner that planted it all) doesn't stop by our house or she might have a heart attack that all her hard work is going down the drain :( But what can I say, it's just not my thing.

Anyway, after the planting of the sunflower seeds it began to look like a storm was coming, so I brought the boys back in and we watched Night at the Museum. It was kinda cute- actually better than I expected. Brendan really got a kick out of it- he thought it was really funny.

Things have actually gone fairly smoothly getting both boys and myself off in the mornings too. I have to come in to work late and leave early though, because I can't leave until Brendan gets on the school bus (usually I work 7am-3:30pm and Joe stays until Brendan gets on the bus because he doesn't go into work until 8am). Then I still need to drive Adam to the babysitter before I go to work. And I still have to leave early because I have to be home when Brendan gets off the bus, and then drive back in and get Adam. It's a lot of driving and rushing around, but at least it's only for a week.

Well, I'm just babbling, and should get back to work now. I'll try to get around to visit some of you as soon as I can :)


Katherine said...

That mower really cracks me up! Isn't Father's Day coming up? Gee, who needs a new mower?? Hope you guys have a good week on your own.

Carolyn F said...

Go super-mom! I'd kill the mower too if I were you.