Tuesday, August 21, 2007

End of Summer & 1st Day of School

Well, the boys are officially back in school now. Brendan started 1st grade Monday and Adam started preschool. Both boys did fine, and had a lot of fun yesterday.

Going backwards a little...Joe made it back safely from his Iowa/South Dakota trip for work. He got back Friday just in time to see the skit/awards night at the end of Brendan's summer camp. Brendan won about 5 awards, which were made of circles of wood and rope. To which he said he had "cedar bling". I died laughing. I'm guessing that must have been the joke among the counselors to call it that. heehee.

The weekend before that (I forgot to post about) we did a visiting trip. We have been so busy all summer that we had not seen any of the boys' grandparents for a long time. We knew that it would be difficult once school started, so we took the day to go visit all 3 sets of grandparents. None of them live by us, but luckily they all live fairly close together.

We started at my Mom's house where the boys had fun playing games and with all the toys in her basement. We ate an early lunch while we were there, and had a nice visit with mom and her boyfriend.

Next we headed to my dad's house to visit with him and his wife. They have a pool in their neighborhood, so the boys had a blast playing in the pool. They also had a ton of fun playing with all the toys in their basement.

After that we headed to Joe's parents' house, and most of his brothers and sisters came by too to see the boys and visit. We had dinner, hung out, visited, and the boys played outside for part of the time too. Adam kept going from aunt to aunt asking them to take him outside. (he has 4 aunts on that side, 3 were there). So one of them would take him out for awhile, come back in, and then he'd go to the next. It was cute. Each time he came back with tomatoes from the garden, so he was helping in the garden while he was out there too.

Then we drove the 2-1/2 hours home, and got to bed pretty late, but it was worth it for the boys to get to see all of the grandparents and some of the aunts and uncles. They had so much fun!
So, now summer is over (even though it is still so HOT) and school has begun. We will have one last hurrah for the summer next Friday though. Brendan's school is off that day, and we still have tickets to a nearby waterpark to use up, so we'll go there next Friday. Then, it's on to my favorite season, FALL!
Hope you all had a great summer!

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Carolyn F said...

Amen on the FALL... I'm so tired of the heat!