Thursday, August 16, 2007

First Overnight

Well, this morning I dropped Brendan off at camp for his first overnight. He's been having a BLAST at camp all week during the day, and tonight they stay over all night. It will feel strange to not pick him up and bring him home after work today. I'm sure he will have a great time. He has stayed overnight at the grandparents' houses before, but never overnight on his own with no relatives there. He is really excited about it. He looked so cute all loaded up with his backpack, sleeping bag and pillow. (that is the lady that runs the camp in the background of the photo).

I'm not worried at all about Brendan, it's Adam I'm worried about tonight. He and Brendan share a room, and tonight Brendan will not be there when he goes to bed. I hope Adam isn't too lonely or sad. He loves, looks up to, and follows Brendan everywhere. And, Joe has been out of the state all week for work, so he's missing daddy too. But, on the bright side, he won't have to fight over toys tonight.

The "meet the teacher" night is tonight at Brendan's school. Since he is at camp all night, I will just go up there without him and try to find out what all he needs to know. I'm anxious to find out which teacher he will have this year. He is starting 1st grade. Hopefully it will be a smoother start this year than last year. There is a new principal too, so I'm crossing my fingers that communication and such between the school and parents will improve this year! But considering I was not informed about the meet the teacher night (had to track down the date/time info myself) and still do not have a school supply list, it's not looking too hopeful for much change. But we'll see.

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