Monday, August 13, 2007

Heat, Wind, and Summer Camp

OMG how many days is this 100+ temperature going to last?! I am dying here. The humidity makes it so much worse too. Joe laughed at me because I said it was too hot to let the boys swim in our little backyard pool, but it's true! I'm sure as heck not gonna sit out there to watch them. They didn't even ask to go out, so I think they agree.

Last night we had terrible wind. I woke up around 11pm and laid there listening to the wind. It sounded really bad. I even got up for a few minutes to turn on the tv and make sure we weren't having a tornado! LOL (we can't hear sirens from our house, so we have to check ourselves). This morning our patio table was on its side, and a big limb had split off from one of our trees into our driveway. The huge antenna on top of our house had been blown off...I noticed as I was backing out this morning that part of it was dangling off the back of the house. I didn't have time to go look closer and see how bad it was, I'll have to do that when I get home tonight. But we could have had much worse! Joe was driving to Iowa/South Dakota yesterday and drove through the storm there, and they were hearing about cars being blown over on their sides and such. Luckily we didn't have that problem!

Brendan started another camp this morning. I spent about 1/2 hour waiting in a high school parking lot for the camp bus to pick him never came. There was one other family there looking for it too, but we both decided to drive the kids to the camp (making me very late for work) to see what happened. Turned out that the info about the bus picking them up was accidentally left on the website from last year, and that there was no plan for a bus this year because they had fewer kids enroll. So, I will have to drive him to and from the camp every day this week. It's not too terribly far (about 40 minutes from our house but only about 20 from my office), but still a little inconvenient. Especially with Joe out of town and me having to drive Adam to and from the babysitter too. So, the mornings will be pretty hectic this week! I just hope Brendan has a lot of fun. This day camp is more like a "real" camp than the other one he's been going to for the last 5 weeks. They even stay overnight Thursday night. And wouldn't it just figure that Meet the Teacher Night at his school is Thursday night too! Ugh! Doesn't it just figure. So I guess he will have to meet his teacher the first day of school. Crazy that school starts next Monday! This summer has flown by! I'm sure he will be let out of school early the first week though if this 100+ temp continues!

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Carolyn F said...

Doesn't that just make you steam when they leave inaccurate information on their websites? So sorry you are having to run the kids everywhere.