Monday, November 12, 2007

Jam-packed Weekend & Menu Plan Monday

Whew! What a weekend. Joe made it home from Minnesota in time for us to have pizza, cake, watch a movie & open presents on Brendan's b-day Friday. Brendan was SO excited that we got him a Gameboy Advance SP! He's been wanting one SOOO badly. He also thought my dragon cake was pretty cool.

The boys' birthday party at a nearby gym went well Saturday evening. The kids all seemed to have fun. I did feel really bad though, because I discovered that not all of the invitations made it to all the parents, so now some of them probably think we didn't invite them! I started discovering this that morning at play practice (Brendan is in the school play- he's a tree LOL!) and I was chatting with one of his friends' mom and I asked her if they were coming to the party later that day, and she said she had heard about it but never received any info on it. What a bummer, because her son is one of Brendan's favorite friends. They had company in anyway, so couldn't go. Then at the party I discovered from one parent that another parent hadn't received their invitation either. *sigh*.

Joe's brother ended up staying at our house that night (unexpectedly, and boy was I embarrassed that my house wasn't all picked up and tidy) and he & Joe hunted in our woods Sunday morning. Joe got 2 deer this weekend- one on opening day Saturday morning, and one on Sunday morning. So, he is done for the season since he filled both of his tags.

The bad part is, that last night while shuffling around our cars, Joe accidentally backed my SUV into his truck! ARRGG! It was on the side of my passenger side door actually, he was backing at an angle to pull it to the other part of our driveway and apparently swung too wide and clipped it on the back corner of the truck. Of course the piece-of-crap-1984-rusted out-nasty truck didn't have a dent or mark, but my year-old nice SUV now has a dent in the door. *sigh*

Oh, and we were supposed to finally be able to pick up the 2 kitties, as they were the right weight for being neutered and sent home, but I called around 1:00 on Sunday and the lady who had been fostering them wasn't there. Theboys were really disappointed that we couldn't pick them up. They've been waiting for several weeks! But, I got a call this morning from her, and I can pick up the kitties around 3:00 today! So, we will have 2 little crazy furrballs running around our house starting tonight! The boys will be so excited!!!

Sorry for the long post today, but this weekend was jam-packed! Now, onto my Menu Plan Monday:

This weeks Menu Plan:

Monday: dinner out with my grandparents
Tuesday: leftover spaghetti
Wednesday: Beef stew in the crockpot (I keep putting this on the menu plan but keep not making it! lol)
Thursday: Hotdogs for the boys (has to be quick since we have Cub Scouts)
Friday: Pizza (family night)
Saturday: on your own, I'll be gone
Sunday: Homemade chicken fingers & veggies (didn't end up making these last week).


Uisce said...

hey, I don't see any venison on that menu plan!

I'm tempted to go out and shoot me some dinner, but I'm afraid with my .22 I might hurt somebody or something. :)

Courtney said...

lol- good point. The "beef" stew will most likely be "venison" stew. And venison burgers are on the weekend lunch menu :)