Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Father's Day Weekend fun & more

Happy Father's Day to all of the fathers! Hope you all had a great one!

Our Father's Day weekend went pretty well. On Sunday, Joe wanted to sleep in. So, when the boys woke up at 4:50 a.m. I got them ready and took them a couple places, one of which was to the park so Joe could sleep. Here are a few pictures from the playground:

After that we went back home and made breakfast for Joe, then we all went to Joe's work to fish. They have a pond that is supposed to be for sturgeon and it has become overrun with sunfish. So, not only were we having fun, but also helping the sturgeon crew by getting some of the sunfish out. The boys both caught several fish, as did Joe. (I even caught a couple the few times I cast a line out).

In the couple hours we were there, all together 30 or so sunfish were caught.

Unfortunately there was one incident that was not so fun. At one point Brendan had his line all strung out across the ground and he was trying to get slime off his hook. Since fishing line is virtually invisible, I didn't see it and I went to get my camera and tripped over the fishing line and fell. When I tripped, the line pulled tight and jabbed the hook into Brendan's thumb and popped back out and whipped across his belly, putting a hole in his shirt and scratching him. So, he was bleeding from two places. Poor little guy. I felt so bad. He seemed to be fine once we got bandaids on him. Thank goodness I had put a little first aid kit in the car a few weeks ago.
That night for dinner we had Ribeyes, as requested by Joe. And Joe and the boys shot off the air rocket thingy that we gave Joe. Every year on father's day I try to get a fun thing that Joe can play with with the boys. This year it was this rocket shooter thing. It really did shoot way up high in the air too!
All in all it was a fun family day. Hopefully Joe enjoyed it too.

Then, Monday night I took Brendan to his cousin's party at a local swimming play area.

Brendan had a lot of fun! Today & tomorrow Brendan and Adam continue to have swimming lessons. Sunday we leave for vacation! Yea!

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Peggy said...

What a great Father's Day! Sorry about the little fishing accident:( Could have been worse tho.. those hooks are so sharp!
Those are pretty stone stairs ... those go down to the park?

Have a wonderful vacation!