Friday, June 06, 2008

First Crush

Yesterday after Brendan's summer school I was driving him home and we had this conversation...

Brendan: (he lets out a huge sigh) "I can't believe I'm about to say this"
Me: "What is it?"
Brendan: (long pause)
Brendan: "I have a crush"
Me: (trying not to laugh and relieved that it was not something bad) "You do? That's great. What's her name?"
Brendan: "Sonya, she's in my last two classes"
Me: "That's good, it's okay to have a crush on a girl. Just like Daddy likes me, and I'm a girl you know."
Brendan: (sounding relieved) "Okay, that makes me feel a little better."

Haha! So, after all that icky talk he does anytime he sees girl stuff or people kissing, he now has a little crush. During the regular school year some little Kindergarten girls liked him and would chase him at recess, but he would never admit to liking them. This is the first girl he has admitted having a crush on. How cute :)


Peggy said...

How CUTE!!!


Aaw, the little guy. That sounds like one of those moments that's so short but worth so much.