Monday, June 09, 2008

Scout awards and auction

Sunday Brendan had his Cub Scout awards and auction. In addition to the other 3 belt loop awards he had received previously, he now has earned his archery, bb shooting, art, soccer and basketball belt loops, and an outdoor activity award patch from day camp. He has also done the requirements for the swimming belt loop, but for some reason it wasn't presented to him yet.

Here are his latest awards he received...

After the awards, they did the auction. All year long, every time they attend a meeting or activity they get beads. At the end of the year those beads are turned in for fake money (scout bucks) and they get to use those to bid on fun items. Brendan didn't get the water gun he wanted, but he did win the boomerang, big bubble wand, head lamp, and several fishing lures.
Here he is bidding on an auction...

And here he is with his winnings from the auction...

It was a good time, except for the wind! It was SO windy that everything was blowing away and when we ate, everyone had to hold on to their plates and drinks or the wind would blow them over. Several plates and drinks spilled. And every time I'd open my mouth to take a bite, my hair flew in my mouth. So, the wind was frustrating. But, Brendan was happy with his auction winnings and his awards, and he had fun so that was great.

Now that 1st grade is over and they've had the end-of-the-year awards and auction, he officially moves up to being a Wolf instead of a Tiger Cub.

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