Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Halloween Recap and Other Happenings

Hope everyone had a great Halloween! I worked, but Joe did bring the boys to the event I was working at, so I did get to see them.

I dressed up too. Decided to go comfy and wear pjs, slippers and put my hair in pigtails. Betcha never saw me in pigtails before, huh? lol I actually didn't even have a pair of pajamas, I went out and bought some. I figured it wouldn't be appropriate for me to wear what I *really* sleep in (or lack thereof) to a family event. heehee

(Pic of some of us that were working the event)

The next day my sister and I drove to meet our mom, grandma, aunt and cousin for our annual Christmas shopping trip. Even though I am not a fan of shopping, I do enjoy seeing the family.

We're still busy working on the mudroom and trying to clear out the basement for the playroom.

Now here it is election day. I will be glad when it is over. Tired of hearing about it. I wasn't even going to vote because I didn't think I cared who won, but last night I suddenly got a nervous feeling in my stomach when I thought about a certain one of them winning, and I took that as a sign that I should go vote for the other. Which made Joe happy since I am voting for who he is, which doesn't always happen. Time was too tight this morning, but I will go vote after work when Brendan gets off the bus. He will go with me. He's been learning about the election and presidents and such at school, so I figure this will be a good experience for him to go to the polling place and watch me vote.

The rest of this week will be busy, with scout meetings on Thursday and Friday evening, and then Brendan's birthday party on Saturday at our house. One or two of his friends might even spend the night after the party, which is a first for us. Then Sunday is his actual birthday- he is turning 8. This may sound weird, but it feels like he has already been 8 for a long time. It really seems like he should be at least 9 by now. lol


Peggy said...

You are too cute!! Great pic:)
LOL that is funny that you had to go out and by pjs. I would have to go out and buy ... whatever you normally wear probably:) I have 2 drawers of non sexy pjs. What happened to me??

Great costumes all of you! I love the Cat in the Hat!

Courtney said...

LOL thanks :) I do not have sexy or non-sexy pjs...normally a t-shirt and panties is it, or a lot of the time not even the t-shirt. LOL! TMI? heehee

Nancy said...

Cute jammies! At least it's a costume you can wear over and over! I'm a jammies girl; can't stand gowns and I don't even own anything remotely sexy anymore. Hubby would prefer otherwise.