Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving (and a kid funny)

Last night as we were putting the boys to bed...

Brendan: "At school we made a list of what we were thankful for"

Me: "Oh yeah? What did you put on your list"

Brendan: "I put that I'm thankful for the rain, the sun, and Thomas Edison"

Me: (thinking 'Thomas Edison?! Where did that come from? lol') "What about Mommy, Daddy and Adam?"

Brendan: "Oh. I forgot to put that."

LOL! Well, at least I know where I stand I guess...somewhere after rain, sun and Thomas Edison! lol

Hope you all have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!!!

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Peggy said...

Thomas Edison! LOL!!!

2 years ago, my Church had people stand up to say what they were thankful for and someone would come around with a microphone. Well, Zach stood up! I was nervous already. All the other kids that stood up said such sweet things like they were thankful for their family, teachers, whatever. Zach says "I am thankful for salt & pepper, because it makes my food taste great!"