Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Catching Up - Getting Ready for Christmas

Whew, tis a busy time of year! Sorry I haven't been around much lately. We had a pretty good Thanksgiving- hope you all did too! Since then we've been busy getting ready for Christmas:

(Decorating the tree)

(Got Egg nog?)

(Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend we got our first bit of snow for the year)

(This past Monday Brendan had his Christmas concert at school)

(He's the one in red shirt with the microphone stand over his face. Figures there would be a microphone stand in the way. ha!)

Friday we will be taking the boys to an activity from 6-9:30, so we'll have some kid-free time to get some stuff done. I'm planning to pull out all the gifts I've bought and sort and figure out what's from "Santa", what's from Mom & Dad and hopefully get some other people's gifts wrapped and figure out what still needs to be done. Also have many cookies to bake.

Saturday we'll be going to the annual Cookie Share with the local mom's group. Sunday is my sister's Christmas crop (scrapbooking).

Brendan has decided to be on the basketball team again this year. Practices start up again on Monday already. He still has scouts too. And we'll be celebrating Christmas at my mom's house early- next Friday evening! Yikes- things are getting close! And only 15 days until Christmas day!


Uisce said...

two weeks from tomorrow? HOLY CATS!! :)

Briana said...

Holy man are you busy!! I nominated you on my blog for an award! :) Happy Holidays!!

Peggy said...

You are always so busy! A happy busy though:) Can you believe how fast the time is going by??? Slow down! Yikes!