Monday, November 24, 2008

Weekend Recap & Menu Plan Monday

We finally had a weekend at home, where we didn't have a bunch of things to do or places to be. (well, there's ALWAYS a bunch to do at home, but I mean nothing outside of the ordinary). Friday night we had our pizza and kid movie (Friday night tradition). Saturday morning the boys and I picked up our AFM food, and then I took them to Toys R Us to use their gift cards they got for the birthdays. They had so much fun picking out toys! Joe hunted in our woods that morning, and he got another deer! This makes 3 for this year. We're keeping this one, he gave away most of the first two. Now he is done for the season.

On Sunday I helped him process it again- I washed and bagged the parts. Afterwards, I had him get us Chinese and beer as "payment" (lol), which was super yummy. I haven't had Chinese in soooo long.
And of course there was the usual weekend laundry, dishes, cleaning, etc.
I was not ready to go back to work this morning, but at least it is just a 2-1/2 day work week for me this week. Yea!

Now on to Menu Plan Monday:

Monday: Chicken Fajitas
Tuesday: Spaghetti or goulash (using venison)
Wednesday: Chili or Potato Soup
Thursday: Thanksgiving at my aunt's! Yummy!
Friday: Pizza (Friday is pizza/family night), and some yummy treats while we decorate our Christmas tree!
Saturday: Thanksgiving again at my SIL's house! Yummy!
Sunday: probably a venison dish or any leftovers we bring home from Saturday.

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