Wednesday, July 06, 2005

4th of July weekend

Let's see...I had high hopes for the 3-day holiday weekend, but like usual that didn't happen. But it was an okay weekend anyway. We ended up w/ 2 places to go on Sunday. My mom had a BBQ like usual, and our friends also had a party. We tried to squeeze in both, but really didn't get much time with our friends. We only get to see our "old" friends a few times a year. Sad really, as Joe & I just haven't made good friends around where we live. Not saying our friends here aren't good- but just that we don't go hang out & do things like we do/did with our old friends in St. Louis that we've been friends with for MANY years. It was kind-of a weird time this time. Something in the air just didn't feel the same as when we usually get together. Maybe we're all just too stressed and pre-occupied with our children now. Maybe we're all just getting boring! haha!

So after that we headed to my mom's house. Had a nice BBQ meal there, followed by the boys (my boys- Brendan & Adam and my sister's boys- Tyler & Jacob) playing on the slip 'n slide. They weren't quite sure what to do at first, but Joe had them lay on their bellies and he gave them a push. They loved it! My nephew Jacob, who is 2, especially loved it! He had a blast! Adam just sat on a towel in the grass since he's too little for slip 'n slide. Then as it got dark, Joe, Tim & Marc set off some fireworks. Then we drove home.

Monday was a moody day for me. I got flustered and needed a break from the kids. I had wanted to get some cleaning & organizing done, and felt my weekend time coming to an end way too quickly. Adam is at an age now where he cries when I walk out of his sight! I love the boy to death, but once in awhile I need to go pee or get something from another room, and that doesn't seem to be possible without hearing him scream. Brendan showed his little attitude a few times too many also. I don't even remember what else happened that got me upset, but I got in a mood and started cleaning the kitchen. When I get mad, I clean! Maybe I need to get mad more often! LOL I completely cleared off all the kitchen counters and wiped everything....behind the toaster, coffee pot, canisters, etc. Even lifted up the top of the stove and cleaned under the burners. I was determined to have accomplished SOMETHING...ANYTHING... before the weekend was over! Then we went out to pick up some steaks, beer, and fireworks. I was hoping Adam would go to sleep so that I could at least sit back and enjoy that, but go figure, he wouldn't sleep and wanted to be held. So we took him outside with us, and finally around 9:30pm he went to sleep. So, then we finished shooting off fireworks, and put Brendan to bed. By then we were exhausted too & went to bed.

Here it is Wednesday now, and I'm still exhausted. I just can't seem to ever get caught up on sleep. I guess this is true of most parents, huh?

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