Wednesday, July 19, 2006

H-O-T-! U-G-H-!

Oh my gosh, it is SO freakin' HOT! And HUMID! UGH!!! My weather pixie on the side bar of my blog has stripped down to her bikini, it's 99 degrees...I'm wondering what happens to her when it hits 100? Surely this is not an X-rated weather pixie? LOL

Anyway, I'm actually getting excited because today is my last day of work this week. I'm taking off Thursday and Friday. Tomorrow I'm taking Brendan to a little preschool program thing- a tour of the movie theater (behind the scenes and such). Then I've promised him we will go get his school supplies! I can't believe he will start Kindergarten next month! Well, in a way I can, but you know what I mean. So he's pretty excited about picking out scissors, paper, crayons, glue, backpack, etc. And we'll go to Burger King or McDonald's or something too...a Mommy-Son day! All week he keeps counting down the days until Thursday. But my hair salon just called to remind me of my haircut tomorrow at 4:00...oops! I thought for sure that appointment was on Friday! Now I guess I will have to attempt to bring Brendan with me on Thursday since he won't be going to preschool that day due to our other things we're doing. That could be interesting! I hope the hair dresser doesn't mind! The good part of this is that Friday both kids will be at daycare, and without my haircut appt I will have more time by myself at home on Friday to get some things done! Really looking forward to that too! Love my hubby and kids, but I definitely need time alone once in awhile too.

Then Friday night it's the mom's group's monthly "Mom's Night Out" and we will be going to the comedy club. So, I've got quite a few things to look forward to these next couple days.

One more hour here at work, and then my time off begins! Yippee!

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FrogLegs said...

Your pixie says 100, and she stioll has clothes on. :) I need to change mine, but too much a pain in the butt right now-- waiting for good internet.. LOL!!!