Monday, July 31, 2006


I apologize to all the Thursday Thirteeners that visited me this past Thursday that didn't get a return visit from me. I ended up getting tied up with some things and never made it back online to visit you all! I'm just now getting back on blogger, and it's only for a couple minutes. I will visit all of your blogs as soon as I can.

This week is another busy one, I have SO many things I need to do at work, and at home, before I leave next Wednesday. Also have lots of errands that need to be run. I'm kinda glad swimming lessons end this Wednesday, so that we'll have a little more time in the evenings at home again. Joe's car is dead, and he is going to go car shopping tonight after work. I can't keep track of Adam running all over the pool side while Brendan is in lessons, he is just insistant about either going to the water's edge where he shouldn't be, or running out the door to the outside, or climbing on everything in sight. And it is so dang hot in there I would probably pass out if I tried to chase him all over the place for 45 minutes. So, Brendan will miss tonight. (Usually Joe takes Adam home while I'm at lessons with Brendan.) Maybe that makes me a wussy mom that I can't handle them both there by myself, but I've tried it too many times before with both boys at things like that and all it does is drive me crazy, put me in a bad mood, and annoy others around us. LOL So, lets just call it a favor to me and those around me that we're skipping tonight.

Oh, and for all of you that have been amazed and bewildered about the fact that I do not have a cell phone, you can rest easy now because I ordered a Trac Fone the other day. I was notified today that it has shipped, so in a couple days I will join the rest of you in the 21st century as a cell phone owner. LOL I used to have one, but we never used it much (maybe 1 call per month!) so we got rid of it. But since I do drive the boys around a lot (and my trip coming up next week) it would make me feel a little more safe to have a phone I could use in an emergency if I needed to, and so a pay-as-you-go Trac Fone seems to make sense to me. Who knows, maybe next I will get an i-pod or something...go crazy! LMAO Yes, I'm way behind on the popular technology-type stuff, I know, go ahead and laugh.


Jessica said...

Hello! This is my first time to your blog...feel free to visit mine as well...I have a blogger account but my blog is regularly updated at

FrogLegs said...

LOL-- I saw your email about the phone. I only got one because of Joe. I hate the thing- and never remember it. I'm trying to convince him to get rid of them- no luck yet. :)

Katherine said...

so glad we guilted you into getting a cell phone, ha ha. Have a good week.

tasra said...

Love that family pic. Very cool!