Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Swimming, Swinging, and other updates

Brendan started Level I swimming lessons last night. He absolutely LOVED it! He went under water several times by himself and was SO proud of himself :) They also worked on floating and kicking. He is so super excited about going back again tonight :) It's so awesome to watch him enjoy something so much and to have confidence in himself. I worry about him sometimes because he is such a little perfectionist with most things, and if he can't do something well he gets really upset and mad that he isn't perfect at it. But he wasn't that way at all with this, which was really nice. I HATED swimming lessons as a kid, so I'm glad he enjoys it more thanI did! lol

We also have a new rope swing in our yard that he's been loving. Joe decided on Sunday that we needed a rope swing, so he made one and hung it from one of our trees. Brendan has been having so much fun on it. We have a swing set, but this is different and new so he's excited about it.

Lexi, our accidental kitty, is still here to stay. She has been eating and drinking a lot, and is already starting to put on some weight. She'll be normal size in no time!

Joe and I finally watched Kill Bill Vol. I and Vol II. (we've had them in from Blockbuster.com for over a month and could never find time to watch them). They were, um, interesting. Very violent, but so unrealistic that it made the violence seem not as bad. But they were entertaining movies anyway.

Well, gotta wrap up a few things and then pick up Brendan and take him back to evening #2 of swimming lessons! I hope he continues to love it :)

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Katherine said...

That must be so great to see him enjoy swimming so much. And I don't know anyone - kid or adult - that wouldn't love a rope swing!