Thursday, July 27, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things I will be Doing in the Next 13 Days

1. Taking Brendan to the rest of his swimming lessons.

2. Running a dance camp at work.

3. Taking Brendan on a preschool tour of a fire station.

4. Getting a new muffler on my SUV.
5. Trying to go through and pack up some of my scrapbooking stuff to take to Gatlinburg.

6. Trying to figure out the circle journal thingy I'm supposed to do.
7. The typical daily/weekly things like laundry, dishes, cleaning, etc.

8. Registering Brendan for some of the fall recreation classes/activities when registration begins at the beginning of August.

9. Trying to get in a better habit of menu planning.
10. Buy some drinks, snacks, etc for my Gatlinburg trip.

11. Pack up my stuff for the trip.

12. Kiss Joe and the boys goodbye.

13. Jump in the car (very early that morning) and take off for the (long) drive to Gatlinburg, where I will be meeting up with some of my online buddies (Carolyn, Annette, Cathy, Colleen, and Debbie) for a little vacation! Can't wait!!!

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Anonymous said...

Exellent 13. Have fun in Gatlinburg!!!

Karen said...

I hope you have a great time in Gatlinburg with your buddies and scrapbooking! Swim lessons! We did that too this summer.
My TT is up!

Raggedy said...

What a good and busy list!
Swim lessons sound fun.
My TT is up

Ghost said...

Have a great time in Gatlinburg. We haven't visited there yet but it's on our list. Cheers.

kontan said...

I love Gatlinburg! Have fun!

Knitting Maniac said...

OOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! you have fun! Those retreats are a blast! I am going on one in November, and went on one in Feb. I am jealous!

Happy TT!

Shannon said...

Enjoy your trip.

And what is that circle journal thing?

Mama Duck said...

Busy, busy! Happy TT, ours is up as well!

Lisa said...

Sounds like you have been and will be quite busy! I am sure it will all be worth it come vacation time! My little monkey just loves her swim lessons. Its so much fun to watch them isnt it! Have a great day!

Socks, Abby and Blackie said...

Sounds like fun

My list is up

Laura said...

a busy 13 days!
enjoy the hookup!
my 13 is up

Susan said...

I love, love, love Gatlinburg and Scrapbooking! I can't imagine doing both together!!! Enjoy your time least one reader from Florida is a bit jealous!

My TT is up here.

Katherine said...

wow, busy busy! Have a great time with your blogging friends, that is so cool!

Viamarie said...

Great list. I too had to go into a menu planning. Family has gotten tired of the old menu.

Cheers to a new week!