Thursday, September 07, 2006

Our Fun Time Last Weekend

Well now that it's almost the weekend again, I will post about the good time we had LAST weekend. I meant to post about this earlier, but well, next thing I knew it was Wordless Wednesday, so I couldn't post it then, and then it was Thursday Thirteen. So, now I'm finally posting.

We had a fun 4-day holiday weekend last weekend! Brendan didn't have school Friday, so I took him to this really fun new place nearby. It is a huge indoor play area, with lots of crawl-through type structures with slides and such. It's big enough for adults too, so I played and crawled along too. (and those slides go so fast I thought I was gonna bust out the other side of the mesh! lol) It was so fun. The crawl-through stuff is 3-floors high! There are also a bunch of games there, video games, air hockey, skee ball, those sorts of things- and you win tickets and can turn them in for cheap prizes, kinda like at Chuck E. Cheese, only Chuck E. Cheese isn't as cool as this place. lol They also had great food there. And the other neat thing about this place, is there is a parents only room at the very top that is glassed in, and parents can hang out in there and play around on the computer or read or whatever, and still look down on their children playing below. I didn't use it this time, because I wanted to PLAY, but it is a great idea.

We are pretty sure that we will have Brendan & Adam's birthday party here too.

Then on Sunday we took the boys to a farm a few hours away. It is one of those that has a petting/feeding the goats part, and lots of animals to look at, and some shows and things. I didn't have my digital camera with me, so those pictures are still needing to be developed. We had a good time there too.

The rest of the weekend we were at home, doing regular things that weren't nearly as exciting. lol

This weekend should be fun too. We're having a BBQ Saturday, and then I'm going to my sister's scrapbooking crop on Sunday. Unfortunately I've been sick all day today. Hopefully I will be feeling better before the weekend!


Katherine said...

Great pictures! I hope you're feeling better for the BBQ.

Briana said...

What an awesome time the boys looked like they had. My son would LOVE that play structure! Where is it? That is so cool! Glad you had a great time!