Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Over for another year

Well, the weekend is over, and I'm glad to have that event behind me for another year. Saturday the weather was great, but Sunday we sat in the rain all day. It was not fun. But it's over, and now I can start to enjoy fall. Fall is my favorite season :) We're still pretty busy though, Brendan has afterschool soccer this week and his swimming lessons have started back up. But the soccer program ends on Friday, so next week it'll be down to just swimming lessons.

The weather is much cooler this week, and I've discovered that both boys have outgrown all of their pants...even the pants I just bought them a couple months ago. The pant legs are too short, but the waists are still too big. Brendan is going to need a 7-slim for the length, but it will be too big in the waist, even being slim size. Adam started out chunkier, but now he is getting the same body type as big brother. He could probably wear 12mos in waist, but he needs 2T for length. Do they even make a size 2T-slim jeans?! lol So, somehow I need to figure out time to go to the store and buy both boys several new pants.

As you can tell, I don't have anything exciting going on right now to write about. lol


Chaotic Mom said...

UGH! I'm just finding that out, too, as the cold front moves our way! ARGH! And I just balanced our checkbook. We are tight for cash. Here's to hoping I find some good sales and the boys don't outgrow them too soon! ;)

Kimmy said...

I KNOW!!! This weekend Jacob and I went through all of his clothes. The giveaway pile is much bigger than the keep pile! Out of a dozen or so pants... only FOUR fit!!!! That boy just needs to quit growing! He's already 5'5"... and he's 10!

monica said...

Awww I so hear you! The cold air is arriving so much faster than it's suppose to. Why is this????

Briana said...

I have the same problem. My kiddos are so tall they are in clothing that is at least 2 sizes bigger than they are because they are so tall. Joey has been in 3-4T since he was 2 because he's so darn tall. I'm fortunate I have a friend who gave me all of her son's old clothing so I have backups!

Glad that weekend is over for you!!