Monday, September 25, 2006

Our weekend...Cow Slime and Tantrums and Poop, Oh My!

We had a pretty good weekend for the most part. On Saturday my dad, his wife, and my grandma were in town to watch my nephew's soccer game. So we all met up for lunch afterwards. Then I had to rush off for a haircut (that I had already rescheduled once and the lady that cuts my hair wasn't available again for about a month so I couldn't reschedule again!)

Then Sunday we took the boys on a little trip. There is a drive-through zoo about 3 hours away, and after 35 years of business they are closing down on October 1. I remember loving that place when I was a kid, so I really wanted to bring my boys to it before they closed. Brendan wasn't too thrilled about the 3 hour drive, but he was looking forward to seeing the animals. (If he's worried about a 3-hr drive, just wait until March when we have a 14-hour drive to Texas! Yikes!) It was fun, but I'm pretty sure they have already gotten rid of a lot of the animals, because there were a lot less than I remember. And most of them were not even coming up to the car. But there were a few that did (mainly zebras & ostrichs) and then right at the end there were finally a bunch of animals that were coming up to the car to get food. There were these hairy cows (looked kinda like old english sheep dogs), Himalayan cows I think Joe said they're called? that were surrounding our car and had their whole head inside my window over my lap eating the food pellets as fast as I could get them out of the bag! They were so slobbery though, that I was backing up and practically sitting on Joe's lap trying to keep from getting slimed! lol The boys thought that was pretty funny! I finally had to roll up the window and now there is nasty slime all over the window!

After that, we took the boys to Incredible Pizza What a neat place! It's kinda like a Chuck E. Cheese, a Burger King play place, an arcade, and a CiCi's pizza buffet all rolled into one with go-karts & mini golf added in too! It was great until the end when Brendan had a total meltdown/fit/tantrum because of a silly little toy prize...which was very frustrating and embarassing. He was yelling, screaming, kicking, talking back, you name it. I'm sure he was tired and so something that little set him off, and he just kept getting worse and worse. It's situations like that that we are at a loss as to the "right" way to handle it. We have become the yelling type, and you bet he got a spanking when he started kicking the sink in the bathroom, and his brother. I don't want to be the yelling/spanking type of parent, but he doesn't respond to calmer methods. And I certainly don't want him to think he can get away with behavior like that. But we don't feel like we handle this sort of thing quite right either. (but that issue is a whole other post) What to do? We left, of course, at that point. It's weird to think our almost 6-year-old was the one throwing the fit and our almost 2-year-old who is already showing signs of "the terrible two's" was perfectly behaved! lol Seems like it would have been the other way around! Oh, but Adam wasn't completely innocent either...he had a poopy blow-out while we were there, and it was all over the inside of his pants, down his leg, etc. Thank goodness I had remembered to pack an extra set of clothes for just such an occassion! LOL

But tantrums and poop aside, all in all it was a fun weekend :) LOL

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Briana said...

That zoo sounds fun! I hear you on the blow outs! I've had that happen before too - fun fun!