Thursday, September 07, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

We've been challenged by Denise to have our Thursday Thirteen theme this week be 13 things we like about ourselves. So, I'm accepting the challenge.

Thirteen Things I Like About Myself

1. I like that I can get along with just about anyone.

2. I like that I can be creative if I put my mind to it.

3. I like that I am thoughtful and try to do nice things for others, and help others when I can.

4. I like that I am not overly materialistic.

5. I like that I am not a high-maintenance person.

6. I like that I enjoy outdoor activities as well as indoor activities, so that I'm never bored regardless of the weather.

7. I like that I am an agreeable person most of the time.

8. I like that I have many interests (even if I don't have time to persue all of them right now)

9. I like that I get things going and make things happen that I or we want. As hubby says, I'm the "mover & shaker" in the family. There are so many things we would have never done had I not done my "moving and shaking". lol

10. I like that I am a wife who supports her husband in his goals and endeavors.

11. I like that I am a mommy of 2 boys.

12. I like that I am independent (although sometimes maybe I'm a little too independent)

13. I like that overall I am a healthy and happy person.

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Mom Nancy said...

What a great list! You sound like my kind of lady!

Thanks for visiting my TT! My first comment on that blog!

Norma said...

You certainly sound likeable. Great list and self-awareness.

Thanks for visiting.

mar said...

You look like the kind who gets along with nearly everybody, great!
I am like your nr. 5 too, forgot to include it. And it took me a long time to make my list, now I am finding more things for the next challenge, lol! Happy TT!

Denise said...

#9 is great! Though it's hard being the "mover & shaker" at times, huh?

Thanks for participating.

Paxil Princess said...

Great list! You sound like a wonderful person.
Happy Thursday!

amy said...

you sound easy to get along with

Lazy Daisy said...

Totally loved your list especially #5. Bless you for that! Sounds like you are the motivator in your family. Blessing on you as you minister to your husband and boys.

Sarah said...

I came by way of TT. I live in the woods too and love the fact that I can go outside naked if I want and not get caught. Perhaps we are kindred spirits. LOL

Chelle Y. said...

Being a mommy is the best! :)

FrogLegs said...

What a great theme! I'll have to do it late, and next week :) I love being independent- but like you, too much sometimes...

Barbara said...

You are obviously a wonderful asset to your family.

Froggie Mama said...

Great list, Courtney!! :) You have some really good qualities! I like that i'm not "high-maintenance" either!! :)

Hope you enjoy your weekend w/your 2 sweet boys!! ♥

MysteriousLady said...

Wonderful list! Feel like I know you better!

I had to work wed, and thurs, so I'm just now out visiting people!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Renee said...

Thanks for stopping by my TT while I was gone. Here's what we were up to...The Camping Reports

Jenny Ryan said...

Great list! Way to go on acknowledging so many wonderful things about yourself.

Thanks for visiting me last week (I'm a teensy bit behind :)