Monday, July 16, 2007

Swimming Lessons...AGAIN

The next session of swimming lessons has started again already. So once again we are going crazy with these things every night last week and this week. It is so hard to get anything else done on these weeks when we're at work all day and then swimming lessons every night. *sigh* But, the boys have fun, and it's definitely something they need to learn.

Adam is even in swimming lessons this the parent-child class...

Brendan is still working hard to try to pass Level 2...

Brendan is still having a blast at day camp during the day too. I hope we can get some pictures of that soon. There is a family night next Thursday, so I guess I get to take pics then.

Hard to believe his school starts up again in about 4-1/2 weeks! Yikes!

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Carolyn F said...

Cute pictures!!