Monday, July 09, 2007

Well, a no go on both the waterpark again and South Dakota. They ended up not sending Joe. And he had had an exhausting week and didn't want to go anywhere so we didn't go to the waterpark either.

Brendan's summer school is over now, and today he started day camp. He'll attend day camp for the next 5 weeks. Tonight starts the next round of swimming lessons too. So I'm in for another crazy 2 weeks of taking him to that every night after work again. Hopefully he will have a good instructor and learn a lot and pass Level 2 this time!

We found out that a spot is opening up for Adam at the day care center we've been on the waiting list for. So he will start there Aug 20. He will greatly miss his babysitter that has been watching him in her home for a long time. But now that he's 2-1/2 (almost 3 by the time he starts there) we really feel he needs more structure, discipline and learning activities and such. It will be a huge increase in price, unfortunately, so Joe is starting to freak out and go into one of his anal-about-money-moods. *sigh*

I still need to post some pics from 4th of July, I keep forgetting whenever I'm near my digital camera.

Okay, for some reason Blogger is not letting me give this post a title. Very strange. Anyone else had this problem?


Daphne said...

Courtney...sorry y'all didn't get to go to the waterpark! Make sure to post your pics from the 4th. I have updated my blog and I have some pics from our 4th celebration...take a look if you have the time.

Frog Thinks said...

$$$ always stinks, doesn't it? Blech, blech, blech!! :)