Friday, July 06, 2007

Waterpark, South Dakota, etc

Well, we didn't end up going to the waterpark this past weekend afterall. It ended up being kinda chilly and stormy all weekend. So, we will try again this Saturday (tomorrow) instead. His free ticket expired last Saturday, but it is still good for 50% off until August so at least that's something. Tomorrow is supposed to be very humid and in the 90's so it should be perfect waterpark weather. The only problem now is that Joe might have to drive to South Dakota this weekend for work, and if that happens then we might have to cancel the waterpark trip again. We'll see. I was thinking maybe we could go with him to SD, but it is such a quick turn-around (going there one day and coming home the next!) that it really isn't worth it to put the boys through all that driving for less than a day's worth of doing things. So, most likely that won't happen.

We had a good holiday. I'll post again later with pictures from our celebrations :)

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Frog Thinks said...

Oh- I hope you went! Because, short trips are still fun. :)