Friday, March 07, 2008

Friday Fun!

It's finally Friday! Things have been crazy this week, and will be crazy today, but I'm really looking forward to tonight. We are dropping the boys off at a local gymnastics place where they have a 4-hour drop-off time and the kids get to play in the foam pit, the big in-floor trampoline, and other equipment. They play games, do obstacle courses, free play, and have a ton of fun. Meanwhile, Joe and I get to GO OUT without children! Woohoo! We are going to grab something to eat and then head out to a comedy show at the local comedy club. In a way this is my birthday celebration too, even though my actual birthday is not until next Friday. But, we had to take the child care opportunity when we could get it. I have been completely frazzled, stressed out and in a horrible bitchy mood lately, so a few laughs and a few drinks tonight are just what I need!

Unfortunately the rest of the weekend will be back to busy obligations, rushing from basketball game to den meeting and pinewood derby to school carvinal, and so on. All kinda fun things I guess, but too many all at once when I'm already frazzled.

But tonight...that I am really looking forward to :)

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Peggy said...

Have a good time! Sounds like you need to let your hair down. WOO HOOO!
Happy early birthday!