Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Horton, Possum, Spring Break & Easter

Thanks for the happy birthday comments! My birthday itself was fine, the movie was pretty cute. The weekend did not go as I had pictured and hoped, but oh well, it usually doesn't. Life goes on.

Oh, and look what Joe found living under our canoe...

Ewwww, possums are just the ugliest things. It was not happy w/ Joe either, he was hissing and showing his teeth. This one must think he's our pet though, we catch him up on our porch eating the cat food all the time. Guess he had it made...a nice place under the shelter of the canoe, and food served 24/7 on the porch.

This week is Brendan's spring break. He had to go to school yesterday and today for snow make up days, but he's off Wed, Thurs, Fri and next Monday. The problem is neither Joe or I have enough time to take off the whole time with him, especially since we will be going on a week long vacation in June. So, he will get to go to work with Joe on Wednesday (at least for part of the day), and to work with me on Thursday. Then I will take off with him Fri & Mon. Saturday will be the last basketball game, and Sunday we're going to Joe's sister's house to celebrate Easter. I'm thinking we should try to take the boys to the Zoo this weekend too, get it in before it gets hot and crowded over the summer. Not sure if we will or not.

Brendan has become burnt out on Tae Kwon Do, so we did not sign him up for the new session that starts tonight. He had gotten to the point where he was begging not to go the last few weeks. Between basketball practices & games, Tae Kwon Do twice a week, and all the Cub Scout meetings & activities, I have become burnt out on taking him places almost every night of the week too. So, now that basketball is ending and he's taking a break from Tae Kwon Do, things should be a little less hectic for a couple weeks. Whew! But, not for long, swimming lessons for both boys starts up again the first week of April, and that will be 2 nights a week, and we still have scouts. But at least I'll get a few of my evenings back temporarily.

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