Monday, March 24, 2008

Our Easter Weekend

Hope everyone had a nice Easter weekend. We did. Brendan was off school Friday, so he and I went to a yard sale that morning and we got a few shirts for the boys, a Dr. Seuss book, and there was this Spiderman electric guitar that Brendan wanted really bad, so we got that too. Both boys are into Rock n' Roll already. lol "Old Time Rock 'n Roll" is both of their favorite song, and they always ask me to play that song numerous times every time we are in the car. Anyway, both boys had fun "rockin' out" on the guitar...

Friday night we met up with my sister and one of her sons at a nearby indoor family play center. The boys all had fun. Then on Saturday Brendan had his last basketball game of the season, and my mom and her boyfriend drove about 2 hours to come see him play. After the game the coaches took the team out for pizza. That night we watched Enchanted, since we had missed doing our family pizza and movie night that we usually do on Friday nights. I thought the movie was pretty good, even though I'm not into girly fairytale type stuff in general. The boys seemed to enjoy it too, although they let out with the occassional "EWWWWW" on any kissy or love parts. lol Oh, we also made some Easter cupcakes, that turned out really cute, I think, but they were not a big hit with the grown-ups. I wish I would have thought to make these earlier in the week for Adam to take to preschool, the kids would have loved them...

Easter Sunday we did our little egg/candy hunt for the boys and they got their Easter baskets of goodies.

And I remembered to have Joe take a picture of me and the boys. Since I am usually the one taking all the pictures, I rarely appear in them, but once in a great while we remember to include me...

Later in the afternoon we went to visit Joe's side of the family at a get-together at his sister's house. They did a candy egg hunt for the boys there too, so the boys are overloaded on sugar for sure. Joe's brother & his wife brought our newest nephew, William, by too, so we got to see him again. Brendan and Adam love that baby, especially Adam. Adam is always mentioning his "new baby cousin" and he was so excited to see him. Both boys got to hold him too.

It snowed while we were there too...SNOW, on Easter, now that was a strange feeling. There were huge fluffy flakes coming down hard- almost looked like a blizzard at times.

Now it's Monday again. Brendan is off school again today, it is his last day of Spring Break. So, we are home cleaning. He even picked up in his room a little, while I worked on the living room, which has been overrun with toys again.

It's hard to believe that March is almost over! April is right around the corner. Next week swimming lessons start back up and we have to register Brendan up for his summer daycamps already. Time just flies by, whether you're having fun or not!


Peggy said...

Happy Easter!
That is one cool electric guitar! My son would love that too. I personally love to go to yard sales. We just watched Enchanted on Easter. I thought it was cute.
It is weird to see snow on Easter. I think we had snow last Easter.
You are so pretty! You should be in more pics. I know, it's hard when you are always behind the camera:)
Thx for the encouraging WW comments on my blog. CONGRATS to you for meeting your goal!

Carolyn F said...

Great picture of you and the boys! WTG on meetnig your WW goal!