Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Happy 92nd Birthday!

Is it really April 1st? Wow! No April Fools pranks from me, so no worries there. Adam has actually been sick the last couple days :( He threw up Sunday night, and I had a migraine so I wasn't feeling well either and stayed home with him. He seemed to be completely better, but then last night he had other issues, I'll spare the details. So, Joe is staying home w/ him for part of today, and then I will have to take off a little early and go take over so he can go into work for a little while too.

That aside, we've actually been pretty good. I cannot tell you how NICE it was last week to not have all of Brendan's activities every night of the week. This week, however, swimming lessons start up again for both boys, and Brendan has a scout meeting. Still not too bad, at least a couple of the other activities have ended.

Mario & Luigi (the kittens) are doing fine, they really can't be called "kittens" anymore, they are getting too big.

Last night, we got together at my sister's house with her family, my dad & his wife, and my grandma (we call her Granny) for cake & ice cream. Granny is turning 92 yrs old this Saturday, April 5th. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANNY!!!!

Pictured from L to R: Joe, Me, Granny, Jill (my sis), and Tim (her hubby)

Granny with great-grandsons

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Peggy said...

92!! That is incredible! Happy Birthday Granny!