Thursday, April 03, 2008

It's Back

Yes, it's that time again, swimming lessons are back. Both boys started back up Tuesday night.

Brendan is in level 3 again, we thought he could use the review since it's been several months since he's been swimming.

Adam is just starting on his own in Level 1. He took a parent-child class last summer, but now he is old enough to start Level 1. (he's the one the instructor is helping in the pic).

Lessons were almost over and they suddenly blew the whistle really loud and had everyone get out fast. Turns out some kid had puked in the pool. So, they had to end early. But it is a GOOD thing that happened, because as soon as we walked into the family changing room and into the stall, Brendan threw up too! Thank goodness there was a toilet right there and he made it in it. So, I guess he caught what Adam had Sunday. And since another kid threw up in the pool, I'm assuming this must be going around.

But, now both boys are fine, they both feel better, and both went back to school today. We have swimming lessons again tonight...hopefully they will be less eventful this time!

I also got Brendan signed up for most of his summer camps yesterday. Over $700, ouch! And that doesn't include Boy Scout camp or Campfire USA camp yet either. Or our family vacation in June. Yikes!


Carolyn F said...

I have camp sign-ups to deal with soon. I love love LOVE the picture of you and the boys!

Peggy said...

Oh my!! I hope Brendan feels better soon.
Oh we have some swimming drama. Zach will be turning 9 and he can't swim. My husband tried 2 summers in a row, didn't work. So last summer, I paid for lessons for 2 weeks. He reached level 3 on the last day of the 2nd week. So this summer, he will need to start at level 2 I am thinking. I want him to learn how to swim so I won't be so nervous!

Peggy said...