Friday, April 18, 2008

“Small” Living

So, I was reading this article online this morning, and I found it interesting, because we are one of those families of 4 living in a 1,000 sq. foot home. It is a house, not an apartment, but there are times I’ve definitely felt like even an apartment these days would be bigger than our house. I like to read about what others do in a small space for storage and organization because this is something I really struggle with. What to do with everything when there just isn’t anymore space. (and I feel like I’m constantly getting rid of stuff too, but apparently not enough).

Another thing I find interesting in this article is that they mention that the reason most people choose to live in a small house or apartment is because it’s worth it to be in a good neighborhood, or near a good school, or close to transportation, close to things etc. So, I guess they are focusing on small living in a city or suburban type setting. We are the opposite. We are living in a small house because we wanted land, and to GET AWAY FROM neighborhoods, stores, traffic, etc. lol And as a bonus, we have cheaper monthly house payments too than most people. Sure, it can be annoying sometimes having all of the kids’ activities be 20 minutes away, or suddenly running out of milk and having to decide which is worse, driving in to get some milk or listen to your milk-loving 3-yr-old ask a million times for milk when there is none. But overall we really enjoy where we are.

I love our setting, being on 10 wooded acres is just awesome. I wish we had a little more room in the house, but I would not want to live in a city to get that. (And we are pretty good at "making do" in many areas of our lives).

I love it that our boys can go outside to play and have a lot of room to run around and explore, without worrying about neighbors or busy streets.
I love it that I don’t have to worry about nosy neighbors or other people’s kids in my yard/on the street/etc.
I love it that we see more deer and birds and frogs and turtles than we do cars or streetlights.
I love it that if we’re in the mood to play in the creek or walk on a trail, we can just go in our yard, walk on our trail through our woods to our part of the creek.
I love it that we can have bonfires, roast hotdogs, make smores, sit around the fire and drink beer, or whatever else we want in our own yard.

Well, I could go on and on, but you get the point. I do have complaints about our house itself, but I love our setting. Anyone else out there live in a small house like us, or am I the only cramped one? lol Would love to hear any tips on organization and storage for small living if you have any.


Uisce said...

We bought our place for the land, too, and to be kind of secluded and away from it all. The house was pretty much a fixer-upper -- 20 years old with 50 years of character, I used to tell people, before we did most of the fixing up. We have one neighbor kind of close -- and that's kind of annoying because he doesn't care so much for our dogs barking, and one of them is king of the barkers, unfortunately. But yeah, we love being part of the rural world and not so much the suburban. Oh, and I've got a great idea for the milk problem -- goats! :)

Peggy said...

First let me say, I want to come hang out by the bonfire! LOL
Your land and the nature around sounds so nice to me. This is exactly why I vist my parents' house in WV.. to get away from the city life. I am in a neighborhood, but do live in a small house. My only ideas for organization is to get rid of stuff. LOL I am constantly getting rid of things. I read an interesting article recently about clutter and it reminded me that while I am willing to get rid of things.. I seem to also be willing to buy more things! So, now I think about that article before I buy anything new:)

Veronika said...

Your place sounds just perfect for you and your family.
I love my house because of the character and location. It's close in proximity to everything in The 'Burg, and it's got a lot of history.
For storage, I have a plastic container for our bed linens, and keep one under each bed. Also, my dishrags are kept in a cute little basket on the counter instead of taking up space in a drawer.