Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Can it be?!

Wow, 5 weeks from today will be Brendan's last day of school already! Can that be?! Seems like the school year just started. Then just a little over 4 weeks after that is our vacation! Yikes! I'm excited for the vacation, but this is a vacation that I will pretty much be in a swimsuit 24/7, due to the indoor and outdoor water parks at our resort. Now, I know I am now back to a healthy weight for my height, but man do I have some toning to do before I will feel good in a swimsuit again. I better get busy, that time will fly, I know! So, keep on me about getting my body toned back up, or I will be depressed on my vacation if I don't look fabulous in a swimsuit. LOL (Okay, so I know I won't look fabulous, but even "good" would work okay I suppose.)


The Hoyt's said...

Thanks Courtney for the message. You as well. Im adding you to my page if thats ok??

Uisce said...

we just had our last roller skating party of the school year last night and I just can't believe how fast the time flies!