Monday, April 28, 2008

What We've Been Up To

Late last week while I was reading books to the boys in bed, Brendan lost another tooth. This makes 3 teeth lost so far (the first two were last summer). He was excited, but later said he wished it had waited until he got to school to come out, so that he could get his name on the "lost tooth board".

Friday night we dropped the boys off at a new program, where kids can come one Friday of each month for crafts, games, snack and movie from 6-9:30pm, and meanwhile the parents get to go out on a date, or run errands, or whatever they want. Parents have fun, kids have fun. Brendan and Adam had a blast, they didn't want to leave at the end. Joe and I were able to go meet up with some of his co-workers and hang out without worrying about the kids for a couple hours.

This Saturday several of us walked in the MS Walk. This year, Joe and the boys even walked with us too. The boys did a great job for having such little legs :)

Here's "Memaw" (my mom) with the boys...

During the walk...

After the walk, we enjoyed visiting with the boys great-grandparents for a little while, and my mom, my sister and one of her sons too :)

That night we were supposed to go to a free activity where they set up some high-powered telescopes for people to look at the stars through. Unfortunately, by the time we arrived, they were saying it was too cloudy to see anything. So, we went back home.

Sunday we took the boys to the free showing of the Veggie Tales movie "The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything" at the movie theater. It was cute, and the boys seemed to enjoy it.

Oh, and swimming lessons are over for now. Brendan passed Level 3 and moved up to Level 4. Adam will re-take Level 1 again, to get more comfortable in the water before moving on. The next round starts in June.

In a nutshell, that's what we've been up to!

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Sounds like you had a good weekend. Busy, busy. At least you're not crabby and uninspired anymore. I can't see you staying that way for long, but sometimes it's necessary. Part of being human I guess.

You, Joe, and the kids should come out sometime this summer and fish and swim in the pond, or catch crayfish in the creek.