Thursday, August 14, 2008

Fun Last Weekend

Wow I can't believe the week is almost over. I've been meaning to post about this past weekend all week, but am just now getting around to it.

My mom and her boyfriend took Brendan and my nephew to a cool dinosaur Omnimax movie and a monster exhibit and they stayed overnight at mom's house. They had a blast! Saturday I drove there to pick them up, and I took them to Six Flags. It was very busy, but luckily the heat wasn't too bad, and the boys really did behave pretty well the whole day. The long lines made it hard to ride too many different things, but the boys both had a lot of fun, and it was nice for Brendan to be able to spend some fun time with his cousin.

I think we rode the log flume ride at least 10 times throughout the day...they loved it!

We did have one incident. (well, actually 2 incidents if you count my nephew tripping and scraping up his knee on the way up to the ticket booth). But part-way through the day, I had finally talked my nephew into going on one of the milder roller coasters. He had been saying from the start that he didn't want to ride anything that was too fast or went upside down. I assured him this one didn't go upside down and that it wasn't quite as fast as some of the others. So, we get on the rollercoaster, and all is going well, he loved it and then on the very last big hill we are going up, up, up, stop. Sit. Still stopped. Everyone starts looking at each other. Yep, the rollercoaster broke down with us almost at the top of the hill. We all sat there looking around and eventually an employee came running down the field alongside the ride and tried to fix the problem at the control box, but it didn't work. So he had to call his manager, and his manager's manager. About 20 minutes later the other 2 manager show up and tell us that they are going to have to get everyone out! So here we are on the uphill side of a big hill of the rollercoaster, and we have to climb out and walk down the hill of the coaster. So, the 2 manager guys helped everyone climb out and down one-by-one. After they got me down, I snapped a picture of them getting the boys down.

I wish I could have gotten a better picture and more of the surroundings, it is hard to see exactly what was going on in the pic, and just how high up we were. On the other side was a straightdown drop-off. Luckily they had the railing on the side we had to walk down. Getting out was a tall step down (even for me, and I have long legs!). When the guys helped me down I had one set of hands on my butt and the other had his arms wrapped tightly around my waist. Felt like saying "Nice to meet you too." lol

Once everyone was down, they led us through the nearby patch of trees and back out to the rest of the park. They gave each of us an "exit pass" that we could use on one ride of our choice to go in the exit and get immediately on a ride without waiting in line. So, that was nice, at least! Brendan and Tyler had been wanting to ride Thunder River, which typically has a 2-hr wait, so I said let's go! It was awesome to just walk right up and get on with no wait. And the boys ended up LOVING that ride! So, I'm really glad we did it. Even if I did get EXTREMELY SOAKED on it, with water waves gushing in and straight down my back into my shorts! lol Three hours later my clothes, shoes, socks, etc were still very wet! I couldn't wait to get home and peel off those wet clothes. Next time I'll bring a change of dry clothes so I don't have to drive home wet!

All in all it was a fun day, and both Brendan and Tyler said they had so much fun (and I did too).


Briana said...

I would just DIE if I got stuck at the top of the roller coaster. What did he think of that for his first roller coaster ride? Wow!!

That's cool you got right in for the other ride though!

The Hoyt's said...

Wow scarry!!! Other then the coaster sounds like a fun day!!!!