Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Busy Saturday Ahead, and Book Recommendations?

Dang, I missed Tackle it Tuesday again this week. *sigh* I'll get back on schedule soon, I hope! We have done a lot of tackling too, I just haven't been good about getting it posted. Oh well, maybe next week.

This Friday Joe and I will have a date night, yea! We will drop the boys off at a local program, and then head out for hot wings and beer- our favorite treat to share together when the opportunity presents itself. So, I'm looking forward to that.

Saturday will be very busy. We need to pick up our Angel Food early in the morning, and then Brendan has his basketball game, team pictures, and then the Cub Scout Rocket Races. Did I mention that he really hasn't even started on his rocket yet? lol So he will be working hard on that tonight and tomorrow night.

As for me, aside from the daily grind, I've actually been kinda caught up in a book I was reading...yes, a book! I haven't read a book for myself in a long time, probably not since having kids. I'm trying to get back into reading. Anyway, I ended up really enjoying the book- The Witness by Sandra Brown. I like the mystery/thriller/on-the-edge-of-your-seat/twist in plot type books, and this book had enough of that to keep me interested. Next I will be reading a book a friend recommended, Heart-Shaped Box by Joe Hill. Joe Hill is Stephen King's son, and I am a big Stephen King fan. It will be interesting to see what a book by his son is like. It is supposed to be a "chilling thriller" so I'm thinking I will like it.

If anyone has any good book recommendations that are thriller/on-the-edge-of-your-seat/twist in plot type books, let me know!

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Peggy said...

How was your date???
You know I am reading Twilight.. it's pretty good. I think I will read the whole series.