Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tackle it Tuesday

Okay, so I've been really bad about posting my Tackle it Tuesday recently (and Menu Plan Monday too, which is in the post below).

We've actually done quite a bit of tackling-type things in recent weeks, I'll post about two below.

First, I totally redid my approach to the chores. Without trying to be accusing, lets just say that almost everything continued to fall on my shoulders and I had to do something or I was going to go crazy.
I have had lists and charts and such for them in the past, but found that they get too "comfortable" with their chores and start slacking/not doing them. And of course the complaints and whining when they do do them. So, we're trying it from a different approach this time. We had a family meeting about it (our 1st family meeting ever!). Everyone is still responsible for the things like making their bed, getting dressed, brushing teeth, etc., but all the other household "chores" are now typed on slips of paper and put into a container. Every Sunday night we ALL draw our chores for the week. Random, luck of the draw style. The boys draw 2, Joe and I draw 3 each. They each have "to do" lists for what to do each day, and we clip whatever chores they draw to their list.
So, it becomes kind-of a game, and I don't have to be the "bad guy" in telling them what to do, THEY drew it out themselves. And, if they hate the job, at least they know they only have it for a week and then get something else. Also, I think this will help them learn a variety of things, so when they are older and move out they will at least know HOW to do a variety of household chores. And, this gets Joe get actively involved too. SO...in theory it is a win-win-win, hopefully. Of course we have to help Adam with some things (for example, one of the jobs he drew was dishes! lol), but eventually they will learn. Oh, and for now until the boys are older, Joe will continue to do the mowing and I will continue to do the laundry and dinner (and Joe will ocassionally make dinner too), so those jobs are not part of the drawing process.

The other most recent "tackle" done by Joe was our faucets! The bathroom the boys use has one sink, and our bathroom has 2 sinks. All 3 had an old butt-ugly faucet, and Adam had a really hard time pulling it to turn on the water, so we always had to help him. I've been wanting them switched out since we moved in about 5-ish years ago, and now it has finally been done!



(Thanks Joe! They look SO much better!)


Susie said...

Great tackles!! Love the faucet! We have one just like it:-)

Peggy said...

What a GREAT idea with the chores!! I love it. The faucets are beautiful:)

The Party of Five said...

I love the chore idea. I need to do something even if it is to do lists with my kids. Sometimes I just tell myself that they are too little and that it isn't a big deal for me just to do everything, well it is a big deal. Thanks for the idea. Great tackles!

Veronika said...

I like how you slipped the chore charts into protectors. That's great that everyones chores are revolving - no one gets stuck with the same one week after week!