Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday Again

Wow, here it is Friday again! This week has been a fairly productive one, both at work and home. Our new family chore system (I'll post in more detail about that on Tackle it Tuesday) is working like a charm so far, and I must say that I have been so much happier this week than I've been in a long time. One small change can make a world of difference! I feel like the "real" me is finally coming back to the surface...the happy, positive, laid back one, not the bitchy, stressed and insane one. LOL Joe, if you're reading this- THANK YOU for being willing to go along with this new plan for our family, it has helped me so much, and I'm so happy to have your help with things again! I feel like a horrible ball of stress and resentment weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Love you!

Anyway, on to other things. Let's see...the mommy-son date with Brendan went well last Friday. I took him too see Tale of Despereaux, and he enjoyed it. We both ate too much popcorn, but that's part of the fun, right?

Saturday Brendan had his first basketball game of the season. It went well- his team did SOOO much better than last year. Brendan has improved a lot too- he got his first basket in a game. (he's made several baskets in practice, but this was the first during an actual game). Go Brendan! We have another game tomorrow. We are also trying to knock out a bunch of his Cub Scout requirements.

Joe is also almost done with the mudroom! Woohoo! Just a few little finishing touches to go. Then he goes back to working on the laundry room downstairs. It will sure be nice once everything is done. I'm so excited for that day! I'll try to post some pics soon...the mudroom is SO tiny that it is hard to get any pics in there that look like anything. I'll try though.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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Veronika said...

Glad the 'real' you is coming back - but I never knew you to be a bitchy, stressed and insane one!
Can't wait to read about your chore system-