Monday, August 15, 2005

I did it!

I made it through the weekend without any meltdowns! Woohoo! LOL

Friday evening, some people came to pick up our old bed. We actually ended up talking with them for quite awhile! It was the aunt (& uncle?) of the person that claimed the bed from us on freecycle. Then I got a very sweet email from the lady herself later, thanking us for the bed and how very much she appreciated & needed it, and she was so pleased with what good condition it was in. That was so great! It really does feel good to help someone out, while getting bulky stuff out of our house at the same time! So, 3 families now have "new" beds, and none of us paid a cent for them! This family got our bed, we got the queen bed from friends at Joe's work, and that was because they got a free bed from someone else who bought a new set. That is just really neat.

Saturday morning Joe went to help someone on a project related to work, and I stayed home with the boys (who were both up at 5:30am!). Brendan likes to watch Saturday morning cartoons, so he watched those & Adam played next to Brendan. They were both so good! I actually managed to do about 5 loads of laundry, empty & reload the dishwasher, and some other things too before Joe got back around 11:30am. Adam did not take a nap, but he was okay anyway. After Joe got home, I cleared out part of Brendan's room to make way for the new desk. The desk arrived on Friday! We weren't expecting it until this coming Wednesday at the earliest, so that was a pleasant surprise. Joe put it all together & it looks great! We forgot to get a desk chair to go with it, oops! But Brendan pulled up his little rocking chair and colored, drew pictures, looked at books, etc at his new desk. I think it will be a great one for several years. It can hold a computer/monitor too, so when he gets older if he has a computer, we will already have a place for it! And right now he is just so into drawing & coloring, that he can use it now...then when he starts school he can use it for homework, etc. Even as much trouble as Joe gave me for spending "unnecessary" money on it & the bill payer's desk we got for the living room, I think he really has to admit they were both good purchases now. And in my opinion they were both VERY affordable compared to many I've seen! The bill payer's desk was only $88 from (most others I've seen are around $200!) The desk for Brendan is a desktop with a cabinet door, a hutch type thing on top with shelf & another cabinet door, and it came with what they call a printer stand, but looks like a small bookshelf and can be used for other things. The entire set was only $44 at!!!

The rest of Saturday I finished up laundry and cleared out our full-size sheets out of the linen closet, since we have a queen bed now, and played with the boys. We were going to watch one of our movies Saturday night, but the movie "Any Given Sunday" was on tv and we ended up watching that instead.

Sunday Joe slept in while I got up with the boys. Once Joe got up I decided it was necessary for me to go get groceries. We were out of all the basics, and I knew that we wouldn't have anything for breakfast or to make for our lunches for Monday, so I ventured out to Super Wal-Mart. UGH!!! I HATE Super Wal-mart on a weekend! I usually avoid it if at all possible. But I survived. I was a little frazzled after that, as crowds annoy me, but I calmed myself down on the drive home. lol Later my dad & his wife stopped by for a quick visit. They were headed home from an out-of-town massage class (they are both certified massage therapists) and decided to stop in and see us & the boys. That was nice. I feel like it's been a really long time since I've seen them. They were impressed with how much more advanced Adam is since the last time they saw him. And Brendan was glad to show off his new desk too. So, we had a nice little visit with them. Once again Joe & I had planned to watch one of our movies, but Sunday is a good tv night, so we watched Extreme Makeover Home Edition and My Kind of Town instead.

There was one moment where I almost started yelling excessively in frustration when I discovered Brendan had completely messed up his room after I spent so long on it again, but instead, I sternly got after him and gave him a warning that if he can't keep his toys picked up then we're going to start getting rid of them. And that was it. I *will* follow through with that too. He has way too many toys, and if I declutter them it will really be doing him (and us) a favor anyway, and will certainly be easier to keep picked up.

Most importantly, I was feeling & acting pretty normal all weekend! No arguments, no feeling sad or mad, no excessive yelling, and no meltdowns ;) I felt like me again :) I felt like I accomplished some things...nothing major, but seeing a small difference in Brendan's room and having an empty space in the linen closet did wonders for my outlook! And I have been following my FLYlady routines for the most part too. Just wait until I get Brendan's room finished, and all the stuff decluttered out of the basement...I'll be soaring then!

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